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Become a Pilates Instructor
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Become a Pilates Instructor

Become a Pilates Instructor

Pilates certification is compatible with yoga instruction and many other types of fitness philosophies. Famous names in Pilates instruction are Winsor, Spencer, and Stott Pilates. Some Pilates certification can be earned as a home based course. There are online instruction courses, too. The most comprehensive Pilates training is achieved by on site training, after some experience in Pilates classes as a student.

Pilates originated in Germany as a physical rehabilitation course. It focuses on control of breathing, posture, and muscle control. Joseph Pilates developed his own unique exercise equipment designed to strengthen the core. A fitness instructor, or a Pilates student who is a people person, and passionate about teaching, and is committed to the integrative philosophy of Joseph Pilates will make a good Pilates instructor.

The cost of an initial home based Pilates course can be as low as $100, or cost can range as high as $3000 for a course taught on a training campus. The potential income examples given online for a Pilates instructor give an earning range of $15 per person per session for semi-private classes and $100 per person per session for private lessons. With those rates, an Instructor can recoup educational costs rather quickly. Pilates instructor certification can be sponsored by many different alliances and agencies. It is a case of buyer beware with certification classes to find the best opportunity for the most reasonable cost, because there is no one standardized Pilates certification.

Over the years, with widespread use, Pilates has become a generic term. It is not patented or copy written, so the term is open to many interpretations and the certification will vary from alliance to alliance. Choose the best and widest certification you can afford seeking training with equipment, balls and mats. You will be rewarded with the skills to help others around you and the balance in your own life as well.

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